440c / S44004 / 1.4125

Martensitic Stainless Steel

Corresponding Standards:
EN/DIN 1.4125
UNI X102CrMo17KU
UNS S44004
AMS® 5618 / 5630*

* All of our material is certified to AMS 5630. Standard AMS 5618 is an aerospace quality grade of 1.4125 / 440c. This grade can be offered from new production if required. Please enquire.

1.4125 / 440c Size Range (Ex-Stock):
Forged/Rolled, Annealed, Machined bars in 3-4 metre lengths (Cut to length if required).
dia. Metric dia. Imperial Tol.
6.40mm 0.252" h9
8.00mm 0.315" h9
10.00mm 0.394" k9
13mm 0.512" k11
16mm 0.630" k11
20mm 0.787" k11
23mm 0.906" k11
25.6mm 1.008" k11
26.5mm 1.043" k11
29mm 1.142" k11
32mm 1.260" k11
35mm 1.378" k11
38mm 1.496" k11
40mm 1.575" k11
42mm 1.654" k11
45mm 1.772" k11
48mm 1.890" k11
51mm 2.008" k11
57mm 2.244" k11
64mm 2.520" k11
70mm 2.756" k11
77mm 3.031" k11
80mm 3.150" -0/+1.0mm
85mm 3.346" -0/+1.0mm
90mm 3.543" -0/+1.0mm
95mm 3.740" -0/+1.0mm
103mm 4.055" -0/+1.0mm
112mm 4.409" -0/+1.0mm
115mm 4.527" -0/+1.0mm
121mm 4.764" -0/+1.0mm
130mm 5.118" -0/+1.0mm
140mm 5.511" -0/+1.0mm
154mm 6.063" -0/+1.0mm
170mm 6.693" -0/+1.0mm
190mm 7.480" -0/+1.0mm
205mm 8.071" -0/+1.0mm
222mm 8.740" -0/+2.0mm
242mm 9.527" -0/+2.0mm
260mm 10.236" -0/+2.0mm
282mm 11.102" -0/+2.0mm
312mm 12.283" -0/+3.0mm
342mm 13.464" -0/+3.0mm
370mm 14.567" -0/+3.0mm
460mm 18.110" -0/+3.0mm
Note: Non stock items are available ex-mill, in short lead times. Please contact us with your enquiry.
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INTOCO UK 440c / 1.4125 / 4125 Stainless Steel

In the highly competitive world of manufacturing, sourcing high quality materials is essential. Intoco, a UK based manufacturing company, specialise in 'no-compromise' manufacturing using state of the art CNC equipment. We are also the UK's largest independent stockholder of hot work toolsteels. From the experience gained in buying high quality tool steel, Intoco have added a further steel to their range, this being a Chromium martensitic steel called 440C/1.4125/4125 Stainless Steel.

In the hardened condition this material has a martensite + carbide structure. It is capable of attaining, after heat treatment, the highest strength, hardness (57 - 61 Rc) and wear resistance of all the stainless alloys. Its very high carbon content is responsible for these characteristics, which makes 440C/1.4125/4125 particularly suited to such applications as ball bearings, rollers and valve parts.

Martensitic stainless steels are optimised for high hardness. The properties are specified for bar product in ASTM A276. It has good resistance to the atmosphere, fresh water, foods, alkalies and acids. The corrosion resistance of grade 440C/1.4125/4125 approximately matches that of grade 304 in many environments. 440C/1.4125/4125 Stainless Steel is used in a wide variety of industries including bearing manufacture, food applications, aerospace applications, surgical instruments, cutlery, etc.

Amongst other manufacturer's, we stock Bohler Uddeholm grade N695 extra and Metalravne grade PK348. This is equivalent to :- Din 1.4125 - X105CrMo17. AISI 440c AMS 5630 UNS S44004 AFNOR Z100CD17 JIS SUS 440C UNI X102CrMo17 KU/X105CrMo17. 440C/1.4125/4125 Stainless Steel in the UK, Intoco now stock this in rolled/forged bar that can be cut to length as required.